HaoFlor Mission

What We Do


We know very few things, but we know a lot about vinyl flooring.


Made-In-China, besides quality, there is Innovation.


Persevere, Honesty & Ingenuity


HaoFlor is a subsidiary of the SWANFLOR Group, whose stock code is 834323. We are the leading flooring enterprise in China.

As the earliest flooring factory in China, we started vinyl flooring production in 1992 . Since 00s, more and more world-famous flooring companies come to us for OEM production, it has earned us a good reputation about quality.

HaoFlor History
HaoFlor Today


Nowadays, HaoFlor owns three industrial leading factories, produce different kinds of commercial & resident vinyl flooring.

In addition to OEM, our group invests more capital and personnel in product research and development. Rich production & construction experience, industry-leading creativity allow us to support flooring needs of contractors, designers, distributors and builders around the world, our flooring service industry involves healthcare, education, industry, office, shopping mall, public places, transportation and sports.

No 2, Xuehong Road, Changzhou City, China


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